Every once in a while, we all need a feel good movie that is suitable for EVERYONE!  Chimpanzee is that movie.   

Narrated by Tim Allen at his most charming, this is the story of baby Oscar, who is just getting the hang of smashing nuts with rocks when Mom meets an untimely demise (tastefully handled for the little ones) due either to a night stalking leopard who is lurking just as a rival band of Chimpanzees aggressively attack the group in hopes of moving in on their territory and primary food source.  For orphaned Oscar, things are touch and go as his plight is ignored by other members of the group until the Alpha Male, Fred, becomes Oscar’s very unlikely protector. 

Chimpanzee is a Disney Documentary,  breathtakingly filmed in Gombe, East Africa, by chief cinematographer Bill Wallauer, who has worked with Jane Goodall for over twenty years.  His up close work with these curious primates is nothing short of amazing.  He has captured the emotional lives of these majestic creatures in stunning intimacy.  The expressions in their eyes, will melt your heart.  I guarantee it.  

The film is directed by Alistair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, the folks who brought you African Cats, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. 

Take the grandkids, take your sweetie, take your mother; this one makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.