The Coachella Valley has always been known to inspire artistic expression – it’s a magnet for galleries and the home of artisans of all types who find the weather and desert setting conducive to creativity.   As a writer I see the valley’s subtle beauty at every turn and it makes me want to find new and different ways to express myself. 

The Southwestern Art Festival, which concluded several weeks ago was just one of a series that we get to enjoy during the high season.  

Above, making music with a didgeridoo and calf slapping sea shells.  If you don’t know about this aboriginal instrument,  click here and have a listen.  

The Indian madonna on the right needs no explanation.  It’s simply beauty.

Perhaps garden art is more your thing.  The cactus on the left is made entirely of golf clubs.  A better use for them?  The palm tree on the right will never ever need water, just a little polish if you want to keep it shining. 

Perhaps you will find these extreme examples of what was offered – of course there were the myriad traditionalists painting their desert landscapes and flower arrangements, but these examples remind us that art of all kinds, is in the eye of the beholder. The point is, the viewer is bound to find something pleasing, no matter what your taste. 

If you missed the Southwestern offering, you can still enjoy LaQuinta Arts Festival  March 8-11 and Indian Wells Arts Festival April 6-8.  Or do the art galleries on El Paseo in Palm Desert anytime – or head over to Palm Springs and do the same on South Palm Canyon.   On a recent visit to several of the galleries on El Paseo we were delighted with everything from whimsical animal statuary to exquisite oils that unexpectedly transported us to the Italian countryside. 

You just have to get out and see the world with fresh eyes.