Periodically after their Sunday game, my husband’s golf foursome invites “the girls” to brunch,  particularly to celebrate someone’s birthday.  It’s a fun way to discover new restaurants.   

We’re all foodies so we consider this serious research.

This hidden gem is nestled in the Miramonte Resort on Highway 111 in  Indian Wells.   Don’t be put off  by their odd name, The Grove Artisan Kitchen.   The food is organically delicious (they support local growers) and the setting is serene.  

Among the menu selections on this particular day was an artistically pleasing tuna wrap, a homemade three cheese ravoli and a deliciously juicy flank steak salad, but the outstanding selection was the unusual gazpacho.  After one taste I begged our waiter to ask the Chef for the recipe.  He graciously wrote down the ingredients.

Although it may sound a little nerdy, I actually enjoy researching recipes on Google.  The differing results are often a surprise and this search was no exception.  When that occurs, I  keep looking until a preponderance of evidence weighs in.   Herewith the findings:

Yellow Gazpacho

1 navel orange, peeled, 4 yellow beefsteak tomatoes (hard to find), 2 yellow bell peppers, 1 cucumber, 1 Myan or Vadalia onion, garlic clove, 3/4 c good olive oil, 1/4 c Sherry vinegar, juice of 1-2  lge Meyer lemon, dash of tabasco and salt & pepper to taste.  This cold soup should have some ZING. 

Throw all in food processor and pulse sparingly.  Add 1 c french bread crumbs (optional but gives the soup umph)  and .   Refrigerate for several hours, then garnish with chives, diced yellow pepper and lemon or orange zest and serve with a tiny dollop of sour cream.

 Check it out.