Mainstream TV’s most entertaining effort in a very long time. 

Critics were gushing after the premier of Smash last Monday night, and for the best of reasons.  This show could be the  highest quality drama/musical series ever made for television.  Brilliant.  Finally, someone (NBC) took a chance.  A risk, how novel.   They have given us filet mignon, strawberries and Champagne.   

The characters are well drawn, the scrip sizzles and the actors/singers/dancers are top shelf  Broadway.  Did I mention the music and choreography?   Snappy.  The show oozes talent and drips with predictable “what’s gonna happen with the ingnue” but kids, that’s what it’s all about and there’s enough complexity to keep us guessing.   This Jaguar of a show, with all pistons firing, throughly entertains .

Talk about a cross pollination of talents, genres and media markets.   Did I say it was brilliant?  I’m betting it will not only mop the floor with Glee (one critic said it was “Glee for grownups”) but they’ll also create an entirely new way to feed Broadway’s hunger for new material as well.  Oh so smart and clever. 

Take one very developed musical  about a musical, let the back story evolve during the season, then take the well rehearsed cast (of the musical within the musical) and plop it on Broadway for a long and prosperous run with guaranteed adulation from the heartland — You know, when Mabel and Frank do The Big Apple for their 50th anniversary.

Will this meld Broadway and  television into a complely new genre?   B R I L L I A N T.   Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilt, Anjelica Huston, Debra Messing.  Ladies.  You’ve out done yourselves.  Christian Borle, Jack Davenport, Jamie Cepero.  Gentlemen.  Nice.

Of course, it’s all in the can, and we can’t see what’s ahead yet, but if the premier is any indication, we’re watching a revolution  in the development of high quality entertainment and how it’s delivered and disseminated, flowing seamlessly from media to media.  Instant gratification.  Download the hits overnight from i-Tunes.  Games – My Big Break or Finish The Lyric.   Social Media, umm like me on Facebook.   Katharine McPhee: Idol will be chump change when you see what’s gonna happen now. 

I have absolutely no doubt we’ll see it all on Broadway, soon.  Then NBC can start the whole thing over with a completely new script.    What a concept.   What an annuity.

If you can’t stay up past 10 pm, tape the damn thing.  If they syndicate and sell stock, buy it.  Just don’t miss it.  It’s been too long since we’ve had such a joyous gift. 

Oh, did I tell you it was brilliant?