Monday’s LA Times ran a fascinating article “suggesting that a person’s birth month is associated with characteristics such as temperament, longevity and susceptibility to certain diseases.” 

No, they aren’t talking about horoscopes (although I certainly subscribe to the characteristics one finds in astrological signs.)  These scientists say that “temperature, sunshine, seasonal foods, and winter infections can all affect the development of a baby, and as a result its future.” 

Here’s a sampling – Winter (Dec 22 – March 20) 13% of men with birthdays during this period qualified as obese, but only 9% of those born in Fall (Sept 23 – Dec 21).   The study also showed that people born in the Sumer (June 22 – Sept. 22) are more likely to be evening than morning types when compared to those born in Winter. 

Summer and spring borns, are more likely to be left handed.  (I was left handed and changed…I guess that explains a few things.)   People born in Spring (March 21 – June 21)  tend to be taller, and this group also have an elevated risk of MS.   Fall and Winter birth was associated with 53% higher odds of having a food allergy.   Also, if you’re born in the Fall, you may have a longer life expectancy.

I can tell you this, having used many different psychometric tools in my professional life as a human resource consultant,  there is something to all of these profiles.  But the one area that seems most telling –  and static –  is our temperament.  Kiersey did a great study that has been used as the basis and it’s quite telling.  We’re born with it, and it doesn’t change.  

So where do you fall?  Click on this link and check it out –   it’s a comforting way to understand your grandchildren!