They were the hit of our annual Festivus holiday party.  I can’t claim any originality here, as the recipe came from the Joy of Baking.  This video and recipe will give you all the details. 

However, the rule of thumb (you don’t want to know where that saying originated…wouldn’t that be a fun page to start on this blog?)  Anyway the rule of thumb is – don’t skimp on ingredients!  Use a good brand of peanut butter.  Use an exceptional brand of dark simi sweet chocolate, and leave the balls in the freezer for a good amount of time before you try to dip them in the chocolate. 

Yes, this recipe isn’t the fastest to make – the only difficulty I had was getting the toothpick out of the ball after the dipping process. – but definitely worth the trouble.  And I’ve got the five pounds to prove it!  Enjoy!