Movie Review
A topic left much unexplored in our culture.  We all wonder what it must be like for the parents of children who have done horrific things.  This movie takes an unblemished look at what cannot be glossed over – or ever accepted.  Swinton’s grief  over the unspeakable behavior of her child, is mapped across her face from beginning to end.  The same goes for the two actors who portray her disturbed son.  The unanswered question – is why? 
A brave inspection of a disturbing subject.  John C. Reilly is the only flaw in this brilliant film.  Mr. Cellophane is too lasting an image to make Reilly believable in this part.  Be prepared to be thinking about this one for a long, long time. 
We Need to Talk About Kevin is a masterful blend of drama and horror, with fantastic performances across the board (Tilda Swinton especially, delivering one of her very best).